Our Mastiha blended candles are inspired by our Greek heritage.  Mastiha is a unique, intoxicating and unforgettable natural earth like scent.  Of all the captivating aromatic scents in the world, none is quite like Chios Mastiha. The resinous crystal granule comes from the Mastic Tree, and can only be grown on the Greek Island of Chios, in the eastern Aegean.

Our candles are created with authentically accredited imported Chios Mastiha and blended with exotic mixes such as Mediterranean fig, basil, clove, cedar leaf, basil and frankincense and various finely selected natural fragrances and essential oils.

To preserve the integrity of the candles we hand pour, hand wick and hand wrap in small batches.


Mastiha- jewel of Chios


Vasilikon- gift of kings


Garifalo- cloves of fire